YTPak Chrome Extension


As you all may know, Youtube is banned in Pakistan. Now we do have many alternatives starting to popout like PlayIt and YTPak.

My personal preference is YTPak, simply it is faster and better. Now it was a total headache for me to copy the youtube URL, open and paste the URL. So me being a chrome user, had to do something about it. So I created a nifty small chrome extension that looks for all youtube links in a page and replaces them YTPak.

After creating the extension, I thought why not do a favor to the user out there going through the same frustration as me. So without further nag, download the plugin below.

YTPak Chrome Extension

The How to.
1. Step 1: Extract the folder on your desktop
2. Open up chrome and type in chrome://extensions/
3. Drag the extension yt_links_chrome_ext.crx on your tab from above.
4. You are done.

1. Doesnot work on Gmail
2. If a site uses Ajax or content is loaded through some script, the plugin won’t work.

Features Coming soon
1. On click of the plugin icon, change all links instead of being automatically.
2. Any other things you may suggest.

NOTE fans, if you guys need such a plugin do contact me and i’ll create one for free 😉

My First Share

Right, I wanted to make the blog kick off right and with something that would benefit all. I have already started to publish my portfolio stuff on behance (after a major data loss). While searching through archives I found this design, I did for a client and was not accepted.

So, instead of going through the trouble of selling it, I thought why not give it for free :) . So here you go with a download link at the very bottom.

Purpil Free Theme
Purpil Free Theme

P.S. This theme was made for Object Synergy.

Oh the Download Link