WordPress Skeleton Theme

Like any theme developer, I too keep a stash of a skeleton WordPress theme that i use to start my project wihtout the hassle of repeating code and work all over again. I recently lost it all in a hard-disk crash and had to do it all over again. But this time i learned and now have created a git – https://github.com/alihs/wordpress-bootstrap-skeleton

If you guys too want to start off WordPress like me or even better out what i do please head over, fork, contribute and enjoy.

Strip Shortcode Tags and NOT the content

I use a lot of shortcodes on my sites when the user has a lot of requirements for me in design. One issue you have is when the content is displayed in a slider or any other specific area while strip_tags is being used, it looks pretty weird. Something like the following

[shortcode] some paragraph text here [/shortcode]

So the solution is preg_match.

echo substr(preg_replace( '/\[[^\]]+\]/', '', get_the_content() )