My First Share

Right, I wanted to make the blog kick off right and with something that would benefit all. I have already started to publish my portfolio stuff on behance (after a major data loss). While searching through archives I found this design, I did for a client and was not accepted.

So, instead of going through the trouble of selling it, I thought why not give it for free :) . So here you go with a download link at the very bottom.

Purpil Free Theme
Purpil Free Theme

P.S. This theme was made for Object Synergy.

Oh the Download Link



A Blog!

Yup, finally decided to install a Blog, again.

This time there is going to be one theme (Twenty Thirteen, Yup! Already in Love <3), and yes, currently I am using WP 3.6 Beta 2 :)

I’ll be sharing some stuff that I work on a daily basis along with free stuff as well.